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Negligence In Administration Of Medication

When an individual enters a nursing home or long-term care facility in Illinois, management and staff are required to maintain careful records of the resident’s medical history and prescription medications. Proper medication and dosage are a critical component of the resident’s treatment and ongoing care.

Our attorneys will fight for your injured family member, who may be unable to protect him or herself. We charge no fees in nursing home negligence cases unless we recover money damages in a settlement or jury verdict. Contact the experienced injury attorneys at Mark L. Karno & Associates, LLC, today to schedule a free consultation.


Has Your Family Experienced An Injury Or Loss In A Nursing Home?

If your loved one living in an Illinois nursing home has suffered an injury or passed away because of a prescription medication error — whether it concerns the type of medication given, untreated side effects or the wrong dosage — call Mark L. Karno & Associates, LLC. We offer a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of the medication error and will evaluate whether you have a valid claim for nursing home negligence in Chicago based on behavior by staff or management.

Common types of medication errors leading to injuries in nursing home negligence cases include:

  • Missing a dose of the proper medication on the required schedule

  • Improper dosage
  • Allowing residents to take over-the-counter drugs on the side
  • Mixing up medications with another resident’s prescription/prescription errors
  • Failing to make sure a resident takes food or water with medication, if required

Our law firm has helped many families throughout Chicago with personal injury, nursing home neglect and medical malpractice cases. We are confident we can help you recover compensation for the harm caused by the nursing home and its staff.

Let Us Evaluate Your Case

We are a team of experienced nursing home negligence lawyers with a strong record of helping families in injury cases fight to protect the rights of their vulnerable loved ones who cannot stand and fight for themselves.

Contact us to arrange a free case evaluation with one of our personal injury attorneys. We represent clients in a wide range of negligence cases throughout the Chicago area and in other parts of Illinois.

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