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What To Do With Your Asbestosis Case

Like mesothelioma, asbestosis is a disease caused by exposure to asbestos. Asbestosis also has no cure. It is a debilitating disease that can result in heart failure.

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Development Of Asbestosis

Asbestos is made of tiny, sharp fibers. These make it an ideal adhesive and construction product that was used in everything from wallboard to brakes. However, the extreme downside to asbestos is the effect it can have on your lungs.

Asbestosis develops because the immune system tries to rid the lungs of the tiny asbestos fibers. In doing so, the immune system deposits connective tissue in the lungs that eventually creates a fibrous mass.

This scar tissue will prevent your lungs from properly expanding and contracting, which lowers your lung capacity. You will experience shortness of breath after physical activity and eventually difficulty breathing on a regular basis.

Misdiagnosis of asbestosis is common. This type of medical malpractice is dangerous because early treatment of asbestosis is important. Untreated, asbestosis can lead to heart and lung failure.

Your Asbestosis Case

Because of the nature of developing asbestosis, proving the cause of your injury can be complicated. An experienced lawyer can help you pursue the parties responsible for your injury so you can get the compensation you and your family need to deal with your medical condition.

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