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Winter snow and ice can lead to falls: Watch out

This is the time of year when people are most likely to fall due to ice and snow, so it's a good time to review what responsibilities property owners have. Property owners need to keep their stores, buildings, parking lots and other property safe and in good condition. Those properties should be free of hazards, so you aren't at risk.

Unfortunately, icy and snowy conditions can lead to falls that cause injuries. In some cases, those falls may lead to a personal injury claim.

Fewer nursing home visits may equal more abuse

For a variety of reasons, the number of people visiting nursing homes has reduced in 2020. Visiting loved ones in nursing homes is essential, though, because it creates a kind of checks and balances system for the nursing home community.

When people visit their relatives in a nursing home, they are a second set of eyes and ears. They will be able to see if there are changes in their loved ones' behaviors or if there are unexplained illnesses or injuries that hadn't been disclosed to them over the phone.

Cellulitis could be a sign of nursing home neglect

As people grow older, they are more likely to suffer from illnesses such as skin infections. These infections are preventable, and in most cases treatable. Unfortunately, when a nursing home isn't providing quality care, the illness may get worse.

Cellulitis is one of the major skin issues and infections that may affect the elderly. This is a bacterial infection of the skin that can often be found in nursing home residents who have had or do currently have bedsores.

If a nursing home isn't sanitary, illnesses could spread easily

When you place someone you love into a nursing home, it's your expectation that they will receive the appropriate care that they need. In flu season, and at times when there may be the risk of passing an illness from one resident or worker to another, you would hope that sanitation would be of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, if a communicable illness is found in a nursing home, it can quickly impact many patients.

In nursing homes that have been hit by viruses spreading, patients may feel even more isolated than they already are. The staff may seem almost alien, requiring intensive personal protective equipment to walk into a room. Even opening that door may make some worry that they're exposing themselves to a virus or illness.

Avoid crashes in the city with these 5 tips

Living around a major city like Chicago, you see people and drivers of all kinds. You see drivers who are exhausted from trying to deliver goods across the country, teens on field trips and families heading to work and school.

The thing about city traffic is that it has a high potential for collisions. Stop-and-go traffic, as well as the addition of cyclists and pedestrians, can increase the risk of collisions in the area.

Dementia is no excuse for using chemical restraints

If you've placed a loved one in a nursing home knowing that they have dementia, you know how much support they need. They may have unusual changes in behavior, such as aggressive tendencies, or could struggle to remember simple things, like how to eat dinner.

When you think about their care, what you hope is that the staff at the nursing home will treat them like they would their own family members. Unfortunately, that is not the case for all patients.

Chronic pain: A lasting consequence of many collisions

After you got into a car crash, you thought that you'd be fine. You were badly hurt, but with the appropriate medical care, you thought that you'd be able to heal and get back to living your life normally.

That hasn't been the case. Even though you appear fine physically, you have severe, chronic pain that affects you every day. That pain prevents you from doing the things you love and has even resulted in you leaving your job.

Check out these 3 concerns before choosing a nursing home

Nursing homes shouldn't be dangerous places, but they can be. There are many common complaints that patients and their families have, including poor food quality, slow responses to calls and staff-related issues.

As someone who wants your loved one to be as safe as possible, it is important that you look into these possible issues before choosing a nursing home. Here are some things to think about as you select the facility that you feel is right for your loved one.

Hit by a drunk driver? They should be held accountable

When you were heading out on a drive, you were just hoping to get some fresh air. You wanted to take a break from your work and cruise around. You didn't expect that anything would go wrong.

It was early in the evening, so the idea that a drunk driver would hit you never crossed your mind. Unfortunately, that's what happened. A driver coming toward you was weaving in the lane, and there was no way to avoid a hit. You were fortunate that they didn't hit you head on, but they did manage to hit the side of your vehicle.

Drowsiness: It's just as dangerous as drinking and driving

If you've seen the expectations set by trucking companies, you may be surprised by how far drivers are meant to go on a shift. Of course, the distance has to be reasonable, but the idea of driving for 8 to 10 hours without much of a break can be difficult to imagine.

It's clear to see why truck drivers are often overworked and exhausted behind the wheel. They're doing an important job, but if they don't get enough sleep or have tight deadlines, they may end up on the road when they should be sleeping or resting. If they are tired or drowsy, distracted or unwell, they could cause crashes.

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