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Do I have a claim after a nightclub injury?

Nightclubs and bars can be chaotic places, and with the mix of alcohol, loud music volumes and low lighting, it can be a recipe for disaster. While it is very unlikely that you will be able to make a legal claim against a nightclub or bar for an accident that was a result of drunken behavior, it is possible in many cases to prove that the establishment acted negligently, and therefore, that they are liable for the accident that occurred.

If you were injured in a nightclub or bar, it is likely that you have incurred medical costs, lost wages as a result of needing to take unpaid medical leave and dealt with a great deal of pain and suffering. Therefore, if you believe that the establishment was responsible for the injury, you should take action so that you have the possibility of gaining compensation and damages.

Medicare should force nursing homes to report problems

There are some excellent nursing homes in Chicago, Illinois. Unfortunately, there may be others at which nursing home abuse occurs. For that reason, it is critical for those who place a relative in a nursing home to get to know its staff and to keep constant tabs on their relative to make sure that he or she is being treated well. A good rule of thumb is to verify everything and keep in constant communication with your relative and the nursing home staff. Talking to other people who have relatives there to get an understanding of their experience is also a good idea.

Nationwide, there are many cases of nursing home abuse that go unreported. According to a government audit, one in four cases of possible nursing home abuse are never reported. The audit blamed Medicare for not enforcing a federal law that requires immediate notification in cases where abuse is suspected. The audit was based on cases from 33 states and was conducted by the office of the inspector general at Health and Human Services (HHS). The investigators who conducted the audit, including an audit manager, say that Medicare must take corrective action immediately to protect nursing home residents.

Pedestrians hit by vehicles: Common causes of serious injuries

Like most people, you are probably a pedestrian at some point in the day. Maybe you walk from the bus or train to your office in downtown Chicago. Or perhaps you're doing nothing more than walking through the parking lot on your way to the grocery store, coffee shop or gym.

As a pedestrian, you need to keep your eyes open at all times. You never know when a driver could make a mistake that might change your life.

Driver fatigue is a common factor in commercial vehicle crashes

Exhaustion, like alcohol and distraction, contributes to poor driving ability and increased risk of crashes. Commercial drivers who get behind the wheel while tired create danger, particularly for people in passenger vehicles. Fatigue and drowsiness are leading causes of truck accidents.

The massive size and weight of commercial trucks dwarf the size of even the biggest SUVs. The discrepancy in size between vehicles means that the smaller vehicle involved in a crash is more likely to take the majority of the damage in the collision. When commercial truck drivers are exhausted at the wheel, people in other vehicles are at increased risk of injury or death.

Drunk driver faces wrongful death lawsuit

In Chicago, Illinois, there are many sober and safe drivers. Unfortunately for those drivers, there are also many other drivers who are out on the same roads driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The actions of those who drive under the influence often result in serious injuries and wrongful death. That was the case with a man who directly caused the death of an elderly woman in a recent crash in Tinley Park, Illinois.

The man has been charged with aggravated DUI causing death as well as driving without insurance because of the crash, which occurred close to the corner of 167th Street and 80th Avenue. He is also now facing a wrongful death lawsuit, which was filed against him in Cook County Circuit Court by attorneys representing the son of the woman who was killed.

Lawmakers beginning to scrutinize maternal deaths, complications

Expecting parents have an assumption that the medical professionals attending them are capable of managing their care and ensuring a healthy birth for the infant and mother. While this is usually true, too often this isn't the case.

Research conducted by National Public Radio and ProPublica last year showed that an increasing number of new mothers experienced dangerous and life-threatening complications, which left physical, emotional and psychological scars. In addition to rising complications, they found 700 to 900 women die due to pregnancy- or birth-related causes each year.

Surveillance can protect nursing home residents

Recently, legislation was passed affecting the residents of Chicago, Illinois. The legislation was signed by the governor of Illinois, and is called The Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities Act. It allows residents of nursing homes to install video and audio surveillance equipment in their rooms at the long-term care facilities to address the issue of nursing home abuse. Naturally, as with any recent legislation, people have questions about it.

What is the objective of the Act?

3 types of distracted driving

When most of us hear the term "distracted driving," the first image that comes to mind is of a careless person behind the wheel with a cellphone is hand. Certainly, this is the case many times and too common of a trend among drivers. However, there are more ways in which drivers can be distracted, and they all have the potential to cause an accident.

Here are the three types of distracted driving and the many behaviors that fall in each category.

Pregnant woman and baby killed in accident

Throughout Chicago, Illinois, mothers and fathers experience great joy when learning that a baby has been successfully conceived. However, sometimes accidents happen, resulting in serious injuries and the wrongful death of the baby and the mother. That happened recently when a pregnant woman was driving to her home after her workday ended. As she was driving on I-80, tragedy struck.

A semitractor-trailer's wheel hub detached from the rear tractor axle and slammed into the windshield of woman's car, a 2016 GMC Acadia, around 2:20 p.m. on a recent Tuesday afternoon near Joliet. Weighing 100 pounds, the wheel hub had enormous destructive impact, and emergency responders rushed the pregnant woman to the hospital. However, it was too late, and the woman was pronounced dead at the hospital. The baby son she carried, who was expected to have to have been born just 10 days later, was also killed in the accident.

The wandering crisis: A serious issue for Alzheimer’s patients

One reason you checked your loved one into a nursing home is because of the onset of Alzheimer's. When the symptoms began showing up, you looked into your options. The first time you found your loved one outside, confused and disoriented, that's when you knew it was time for the move.

After all, some experts have deemed wandering issues a health crisis in America, one of the more common -- and most dangerous -- results of Alzheimer's. Reports indicate that about 60 percent of people wander when they have the disease. They risk getting lost or injured; in the worst cases, this can even be fatal. The Alzheimer's Association warns that serious issues often occur when people cannot be located in 24 hours.

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