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What can you do to prevent a loved one from wandering?

Wandering can be a significant problem for some elderly people with memory loss issues and other cognitive disorders. Some may become confused about where they are or where they're going, potentially resulting in walking away from a nursing home and getting lost.

If you have a loved one who tends to wander, it's important that the nursing home is aware of that. Most nursing homes do take steps to prevent residents from leaving the premises. Some things that can be provided for your loved one include:

  • Monitored walks with an aide or nurse
  • Frequent check-ins, to make sure they're in their room or within the confines of the facility

Avoid crashes in amusement park traffic with these tips

Summer is a fun time of year, especially for those who love amusement parks in Illinois. Getting to the park can be just as dangerous as some of the most wicked rides, though. With many vehicles present, backed-up traffic can be difficult to handle as you approach the park. In the parking lot, those in a rush put pedestrians in danger, too.

The last thing anyone wants is for a fun day to turn out to be a nightmare. Here's some helpful information on how to make backed-up traffic less stressful and safer for everyone in your vehicle.

Get help with your claim after an injury

There is nothing scarier than being involved in a serious crash. It takes you by surprise and changes all your plans. You might have been thinking of going to work or have been in the middle of planning a vacation only to now have to adjust those plans to go to medical appointments, to enroll in therapy or because of a disability.

Motor vehicle accidents happen so suddenly that there is no chance of avoiding them or making plans for the aftermath. Fortunately, you do have the opportunity to file a claim for any injuries you suffer so that you can focus on recovering instead of on the financial impact of the collision.

Families can fight back when loved ones are abused

Nursing home abuse is devastating to patients and those who find out that their loved ones have been abused. Victims of nursing home abuse may go through many months or years of pain and suffering before the truth comes out, and the shock that the family goes through is difficult, to say the least.

Families suffer knowing that they placed their loved one in a nursing home for proper care and ended up putting them in danger. Sadly, what's done is done, and their best option is to pursue charges and to seek compensation for what has been done to their loved one.

Wrongful death awards for the elderly, children may be small

Traffic accidents can involve anyone from infants to the elderly. When they do, those involved are at risk of suffering serious injuries or death.

When a child or elderly person is killed in an accident, it poses a significant problem for the court. The court has to determine a value for that person's death based on a variety of factors, some of which include:

  • Earning capacity
  • Health
  • Age
  • Past earnings or wages

Reasons children may fight over your estate

When you think about your children's lives after you pass away, one of your main goals is probably ensuring that things go smoothly. You want them to support each other in the wake of your passing. You want them to stay close for years to come. You want that tight family group that you've created to stay that way, and you don't want anything to come between them.

Unfortunately, the reality is that children may end up fighting over your estate and your assets. When this happens, it can put a gulf between them that never really goes away. It can cause emotional wounds that never heal. In the worst cases, siblings go their separate ways and never speak to one another again.

Good lighting can prevent falls and injuries to guests

Poor lighting might not seem like a big deal during the day, especially if windows are nearby. However, when the light fades outside, lackluster lighting can become a real risk to those walking down hallways or through rooms.

Medical facilities, in particular, have an obligation to maintain good lighting. Without good lighting, procedures could go wrong, patients could trip and fall and staff members could find themselves struggling to complete their work.

Challenging a will: Factors to consider

Some people discuss the contents of their estate plan with their loved ones before they pass away. This prepares everyone for what is going to happen when the person dies. There is a chance that knowing the contents of the plan might lead to issues after the death if things have changed.

People don't usually plan to contest a will. However, there are times when this might be necessary. There are several things to consider before you take this step so ensure that you have a plan in order.

AARP bill takes aim at nursing home care

A new AARP-backed bill could help elders get the care they need by penalizing nursing homes that run with staffing shortages. According to the report, senior care advocates are pushing for the legislation, which would enforce minimum staffing mandates and make care violations more transparent. An interesting addition to the bill is that it would also limit the use of psychotropic drugs, which are sometimes used (unethically, if not illegally) to make patients easier to handle.

Nursing homes in Illinois have achieved the worst rate in the nation for patient-to-staff care hours. The state also has the second-worst rate in the country for drugging patients with antipsychotic drugs without a psychiatric diagnosis.

Officer killed on Interstate 94 due to wrong-way driver

Car accidents can be dangerous or fatal, leaving people to deal with the consequences of a driver who was negligent or reckless. One such case took place on March 30 when an Illinois state trooper was killed on Interstate 94.

This wasn't the first time the trooper faced death. When the trooper was new to the job, he responded to a call that a man was attempting to jump off an overpass. The officer shut down traffic on Interstate 94, but a driver who didn't want to wait went around the closure and struck him. This happened at the same time that the man jumped from the bridge.

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