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Safe Stairways

Safe stairways should have code-complaint handrails, should not have paint that becomes slippery and should have code complaint treads and risers. Otherwise, the risk of injury is high. Injury victims can hold negligent property owners responsible Mark L. Karno & Associates

Nursing Home Accountability

It was great to see mom outside the nursing home. But she explained a nurse had left bruises on her and given her too much medication. It was time to fight back. Mark L. Karno & Associates, LLC, holds nursing homes accountable for the harm caused to a loved one.

Infection Control

Last we visited, grandma was feeling good – so was the nursing staff. Then the home temporarily refused visits to limit infection risk. When we returned, the staff we’re still having fun, but grandma had bed source so we got help.

Seeking Medical Treatment After An Accident

Annie felt a twinge in her neck and had a slight headache after the accident. She didn’t think she was seriously injured, but she sought medical treatment just to be sure. It was a good thing too – she had a concussion! It’s critical to seek medical attention to catch hidden injuries. Mark L. Karno & Associates, LLC

Delayed Care

Nursing home staff are responsibility for helping residents get the care they need. If this is neglected, a resident’s condition can become worse. Attorney Mark L. Karno helps families take action to hold nursing staff accountable.

Negligent Property Maintenance

I told my landlord about the leak, but he never fixed it and the ceiling collapsed. Now I can’t work because of my injuries. I knew he’d been negligent, but did I have a case? At Mark L. Karno & Associates, we help injury victims recover compensation.

Onset TBI