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Case Results: Injuries To Pedestrians And Bicyclists


Facts: Our client was a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of George Street and Pulaski Road when the defendant who was operating a truck made a sharp left turn when its trailer jumped over the sidewalk, knocking our client to the ground. The rear wheels of the trailer then ran over our client’s right leg causing a degloving of his right knee and thigh, a tibial fracture, and a fibular fracture. The defendants contested the liability in this case. The case settled for $305,000.00.

Client’s Injuries: De-gloving injury of the right knee and thigh, tibial fracture and a fibular fracture.


Facts: Our client was a pedestrian crossing the intersection of Howard Street and North Ridge Road when she was struck by the defendant’s vehicle that was making a right hand turn onto Ridge Road.

Client’s Injuries: Fracture of the right humerus; right shoulder pain and stiffness; right ankle sprain; edema to the right lower extremity including the right ankle and foot; hematoma to the right leg; bruising on the right foot and toes; three part humeral fracture; and avascular necrosis of the right humeral head.


Facts: Our client was jogging in a crosswalk in Arlington Heights when she was struck by a motor vehicle. Our client suffered a bulging disc which required a L5-S1 discectomy. Our client was awarded $224,857.82 at a binding arbitration.


Case Name: Circuit Court of Cook County Case No. 08 L 014421

Facts: Our client was riding his bicycle northbound on Clark Street in the bicycle lane when the defendant, a taxicab driver, struck client.

Client’s Injuries: A cervical strain resulting in aggravation of his degenerative disc bulging with associated neural foraminal narrowing at C3-C4 on the right and C4-C5 on the left; a left shoulder impingement and sprain (supraspinatus tendon) resulting in poor elevation and rotational motion and aggravation of his acromioclavicular joint; lumbar strain/sprain resulting in acute pain and reduction of range of motion; medical meniscus tear in the right knee resulting in severe pain and a limp gait.

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