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Case Results: Injuries To Pedestrians And Bicyclists


Facts: The Defendant was operating a tractor trailer rig and made an improper right hand turn from northbound Cicero AV to Northeast bound Southwest Highway striking our client’s vehicle that was in the right turn lane making a right turn.

Client Injuries: Type I Complex Regional Pain Syndrome of the right lower extremity requiring extensive therapy and a spinal cord stimulator being implanted.


Facts: Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was proceeding westbound on Thorndale at its intersection with Mittel Boulevard in Woodridge, Illinois, when a truck being operated by defendant was traveling eastbound on Thorndale Avenue, made a left turn to go northbound on Mittel Boulevard and collided with the vehicle in which our client was riding.

Client’s Injuries: Our client sustained herniated disks in her lumbar spine at levels L3-4 and L4-5 with associated central canal narrowing and stenosis at L3,4 and L4,5 and radiculopathy secondary to the lumbar neural foraminal narrowing that required two decompression surgeries, which involved the permanent placement of spacers, stabilization rods and screws.


Facts: Our client was on the back of a man lift truck assisting employees of the Village of Orland Park while they were hanging Christmas tree lights along La Grange Road near 159th Street when a Village of Orland Park police squad car operated by Officer Jason Ford rear-ended an SUV stopped behind the man lift truck, causing the SUV to hit the man lift truck, thereby knocking the client over. Then, our client was driving southbound on Harlem Avenue near 126th Street when he was rear-ended.

Client’s Injuries: Herniated disk at L5-S1 requiring an L-5 S-1 laminectomy/discectomy; Posterior spinal fusion at L-5-S-1; Cage insertion bilateral posterior lumbar L5-S1, 9mm; and left right iliac crest bone graft with a permanent lifting restriction of 25 pounds.


Facts: Our client was traveling westbound on an Interstate highway early in the morning and on his way to work. The defendant was operating a Semi-tractor trailer rig southbound and was stopped in the median blocking the westbound lanes of traffic as he was attempting to turn eastbound onto the highway. Our client did not see the defendant’s tractor trailer until the last moment as this was a rural highway and it was dark outside and ultimately collided into the trailer.

Client’s Injuries: Contusion of the colon, abdominal wall bruising and laceration of the small intestine requiring exploratory laparotomy of the abdomen for trauma with temporary abdominal packing, two abdominal bowel resections, an application of abdominal wound vac, an abdominal ileocecectomy, and an eyelid laceration repair.


Facts: Our client was traveling southbound on I-57, when two tires came off the defendant’s trailer of his tractor trailer rig. One of the tires went through our client’s windshield and struck him in the face. Our client suffered a broken nose, had multiple lacerations on his face and lost four front teeth; an MRI revealed herniated discs at C4-5 and C6-7. No operation was indicated. This case settled for $325,000.00.


Facts: :Our client, an interstate tractor trailer driver, was traveling northbound on an Interstate highway when another tractor trailer driver swerved suddenly to avoid an animal then overcorrected, causing his tractor trailer to briefly leave the road and then jackknife, spilling its cargo of large pipes onto the interstate. Our client was unable to avoid the large pipes that fell into the roadway and was stuck by a pipe which caused his vehicle to leave the roadway and come to a stop in the median.

Client’s Injuries: Contusion of lower extremities, mineralized intra-articular loose body in the lateral suprapatellar pouch and tearing of the lateral meniscus with lateral meniscal body extrusion.

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