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Car Accidents Infographic

Auto Accident Infographic

Infographic Content for the Visually-Impaired:

Mark L. Karno & Associates, LLC

Serious motor vehicle accidents occur every day in Illinois. A car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident can change your life and cause numerous hardships and inconveniences for your family.

Financial & Career Impact
An accident injury can damage your finances now and into the future, depending on the type and severity of the injury. The financial problems can include huge medical bills, annoying calls from collection agencies, lost wages for the injured person, and lost business opportunities for the self-employed. Experienced personal injury attorneys know how to recover these short- and long-term financial challenges when they take on a case.

Medical & Health Impact
Some accidents leave victims with permanent disabilities, lifelong injuries or chronic pain and some are fatal. Emergency treatment, hospital stays and specialist visits can be incredibly expensive even with good health insurance. From emergency room care and immediate treatment to surgeries and long-term rehabilitation, an accident can create the need for extensive medical interventions at a cost that can reach into the six figures and beyond. A good attorney will work to win maximum compensation for injured people and their families so they can afford the medical services they require.

Social & Relational Impact
Hospitalization, long recovery periods, pain management and isolation can create social challenges and changes in an injured person’s activities. The loss of a family member can create numerous difficulties for everyone involved. Let your attorney know what relational impacts you’re experiencing.

Emotional & Psychological Impact
Emotional and psychological difficulties from an auto accident can be disruptive for the entire family. Depression, anxiety and other problems can stem directly from the pain of a physical injury and the traumatic experience of the accident and its aftermath. Speak with your lawyer about what kinds of emotional strains you’re under.

At the Chicago law offices of Mark L. Karno & Associates, LLC, our attorneys obtain maximum compensation for injured people and their families in the wake of catastrophic accidents. We have decades of experience representing plaintiffs in Illinois motor vehicle accident cases. We offer a free, confidential consultation. There is no fee unless we win compensation for you.

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