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Personal Injury

Plaintiffs have a duty to mitigate

Failing to seek medical treatment when you are injured can be a costly mistake. Under Illinois law, plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits have a duty to mitigate. The duty to mitigate means that if you are injured due to someone else's negligence, you have a duty to...

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Negligence has different degrees

The outcome of personal injury cases in Illinois depends upon the level of negligence assigned to each person involved in an accident. The defense side often tries to argue for comparative or contributory negligence or claim assumption of risk to try to reduce or...

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Coping with accident-related PTSD

As a result of the 6 million motor vehicle accidents that occur across Illinois and the rest of the nation on a yearly basis, car accident victims might expect to feel shaken, guilty, angry or worried afterwards. However, they may not expect to suffer from...

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