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The 5 best and worst nursing homes in Chicago

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Personal Injury

Selecting a nursing home for your loved ones in Chicago is a decision that can impact their quality of life and safety. Some facilities offer excellent care, but others may abuse their residents.

U.S. Department of Justice research indicates that 10% of U.S. adults 60 and over experience abuse each year. The real number is probably much higher because only one out of 24 reports the abuse. You need to know what qualities to look for and what red flags to avoid.

The 5 best nursing homes in Chicago

The best nursing homes employ compassionate, well-trained staff who focus on each resident’s unique needs and preferences. A clean, safe, and comfortable environment is a must.

  1. North Shore Place. Stands out for its compassionate staff and commitment to excellent care. Your loved one will receive personalized attention and can enjoy a wide range of engaging activities.
  2. Warren Barr South Loop. A clean and well-maintained environment, attentive staff and a host of amenities, including therapy services and recreational programs.
  3. The Admiral at the Lake. Beautiful Lake Michigan views, spacious rooms and a friendly and professional staff.
  4. Smith Village. A comfortable, home-like atmosphere where residents receive individualized care plans from a dedicated staff.
  5. Montgomery Place. A serene setting and a focus on quality of life. The facility offers various services and activities to enhance physical and mental well-being.

Engaging activities and opportunities for social interaction can significantly improve residents’ quality of life.

The 5 worst nursing homes in Chicago

Steer clear of nursing homes with a history of neglect, abuse or insufficient staffing. Check for past violations or poor inspection reports.

  1. Golden Acres Nursing Home. Faced complaints about neglect and inadequate staffing, which can jeopardize residents’ well-being. The facility also received poor ratings in state inspections.
  2. Wentworth Rehab and Health Care Center. Received citations for medication errors and subpar medical care. There are also inadequate staffing and cleanliness concerns.
  3. Emerald Park Health Care Center. Has a history of violations, particularly of infection control. Residents report subpar food quality and limited recreational activities.
  4. Boulevard Care Center. Faced allegations of neglect and mistreatment due to understaffing and inadequate supervision. Resident safety is sometimes compromised.
  5. Astoria Nursing and Rehab Center. Received poor reviews for inadequate staff training and neglect. Adverse reports include communication issues and substandard care quality.

Be cautious if the facility is not transparent or does not address your concerns promptly.

What to do if you suspect nursing home abuse

If you think your family member is being mistreated in a nursing home, document any concerning incidents, gather evidence and speak with the facility’s management. If needed, contact the Illinois Department of Public Health.