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Advice About Slippery Surfaces And Dangerous Parking Lots

Chicago winters bring an abundance of freezing rain and heavy snow. Property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises in good condition, free of hazards, so that when you enter their retail store, apartment building, parking lot or other property, you are not subjected to dangerous conditions that can cause severe injuries that often accompany such fall accidents.

If you or a family member is injured because of icy conditions, or has fallen in a parking lot, call Mark L. Karno & Associates, LLC for a free case evaluation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Accountability For Icy Surfaces, Slippery Pavement And Other Dangers

Even though snow and ice may arrive without notice, a property owner has to be proactive for oncoming weather to ensure that their premises are safe. When you are hurt on a slippery surface, you may need compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Lost wages

An experienced personal injury attorney can build a compelling case to help you hold the property owner responsible so that you can pay your bills and hopefully prevent someone else from having a similar accident and going through the same ordeal.

Most premises liability cases settle out of court. With our decades of experience, however, we can advise you when to settle with the insurance company or business and when to file a personal injury lawsuit to take your case to court. We are not afraid to take your case to trial and have a proven record of verdicts and settlements.

Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to using our trial skills and proven negotiation strategies to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

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