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When Dangerous Conditions Cause Serious Injuries

It is normal to expect safety in public places, residential areas and businesses. When property owners fail to correct dangerous conditions that cause falls and injuries, they can be held liable.

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Dangerous Conditions That Cause Injury

Conditions that result in severe and deadly injuries can include:

The serious injuries caused by tripping or falling in these dangerous conditions can land you in the hospital with big medical bills and time away from work. You and your family are not equipped to shoulder those emotional and financial burdens alone.

Get Maximum Compensation For Your Injuries

Turn to an experienced attorney who can help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. Property owners should not be allowed to get away with putting you and your family at risk for injury by not fulfilling their responsibilities.

In Chicago, where the winters cover the city with freezing rain and snow, property owners owe you a duty of care to ensure that you can safely enter and exit their premises. They are also required to keep lights, stairways and pavement in good working order to prevent injuries.

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