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Common terms in civil actions

If a person is involved in a tort action, they may benefit from having an understanding of the different terms involved in the proceedings. The terms fault, contributory fault and tortfeasor are commonly used and have been specifically defined in Illinois Statutes.

Lawsuit in Illinois over allegedly burning hot chili con queso

In Illinois, a lawsuit was recently filed in the Cook County Circuit Court over burns that a women received when a dish of chili con queso spilled on her legs. She was in the car, on the way home from the restaurant, when the incident occurred. The woman says that the high temperature of the food was unreasonable, and that is the basis for her suit.

Negligence alleged in fatal boating accident, SailTime sued

Spending a day on Lake Michigan should be a fun way for you and your friends to relax and enjoy nature's beauty. For those who don't have a boat, renting one is a way that they can take advantage of time on the water. Sadly, those boats aren't always maintained properly. As a recent case filed in the Cook County Circuit Court shows, an improperly maintained boat can lead to serious injuries or death if the lack of maintenance causes an accident.

Woman claims employee negligence led to her fall

For people who use wheelchairs for mobility, assistance is sometimes necessary to get to where they need to go. When an employee of a company is the one to provide assistance, that employee must ensure that they help out in a way that is safe and that will get the person to their destination without harm. For one woman who was using a wheelchair during her travels, getting the assistance of an airline employee ended up landing her on the floor with injuries.

Woman claims negligence caused injury at Chicago concert

Music concerts can sometimes get very chaotic. Even though the energy level is usually very high during concerts, however, there isn't any excuse for people involved in the performance to act in a manner that could possibly cause harm to people. When someone gets injured as a result of the mayhem in a concert or the antics of the performers, the parties responsible for the concert might have claims filed against them for any injuries that occur.

Cook County train accident caused by several factors

For people who live in a big city like Chicago, Illinois, public transportation options are often their chosen method for navigating around the city. When people ride on these public transit buses and trains, they likely expect that the driver is properly trained and fully competent. While that is usually the case, driver fatigue and other factors can lead to accidents. A recent Chicago Transit Authority accident is a stark reminder that public transit options might not always be safe.

Chicago 17-year-old's life ended in collision with Metra train

The accident occurred on Friday morning, March 7. A 17-year-old boy was walking to his high school. Part of his route that day took him across the tracks in the Old Norwood Park neighborhood. On that day, his crossing occurred at the same time that a Metra train traveled down the track, striking the boy.

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