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How likely is medical negligence in Illinois hospitals?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

When you need to make a trip to the hospital, you do so with faith that you will receive proper treatment and come home healthier than you left. When medical negligence is at play, however, your hospital visit could become damaging or even deadly to your health.

While medical negligence and malpractice remain an exception rather than the norm, it is still important to be wary of behavior that might endanger you or your loved ones. You can accomplish this by learning more about medical negligence and how it affects Illinois hospitals.

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence or malpractice refers to any behavior by a healthcare professional that defies industry standards and results in injury or death for a patient. This can include misdiagnoses, surgical errors and failures to uphold safety measures due to carelessness or blatant miscommunication.

Is there a problem with medical neglience in Illinois hospitals?

A 2022 safety report grades 113 hospitals in Illinois, with rankings based on number of infections, surgical problems, issues with safety or staffing and overall efficacy of preventative measures. While 30 hospitals in the state can boast an “A” ranking, a startling 50 hospitals have a “C” ranking that indicates an average level of service many patients might find unsatisfactory in the healthcare space. Even more concerning is the 7 hospitals with a “D” ranking and one Chicago facility, the South Shore Hospital, receiving an abysmal “F” grade.

This recent safety report indicates that as many as 7% of Illinois hospitals fail to meet average standards, meaning that hundreds of thousands of state residents have a potential exposure to medical negligence. If you become a victim of malpractice in an Illinois hospital, it is important to report the issue and pursue the financial compensation you deserve.