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What you need to know about catastrophic injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Catastrophic Injuries

In Illinois and across the United States, a catastrophic injury has occurred if your life is disrupted to the point where you can no longer hold down a job. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries and severe burns illustrate a few examples. These injuries typically arise from car accidents, defective drugs or medical malpractice and may qualify for representation by a Karno personal injury lawyer.

You may have a legal answer to your monetary problems.

With five capable attorneys representing personal injury victims, Karno wants you to understand that your life may witness monetary improvement if you file a personal injury claim. A personal injury attorney determines if you have the qualifications to file a lawsuit. The law views serious injuries and wrongful death as serious matters worthy of monetary compensation. You will not pay any upfront money for legal representation. Only if you win, then the lawyer takes their fee out of the settlement.

Many Chicago residents suffer from catastrophic injuries.

If you live in Chicago or nearby areas, you need to know that numerous residents have experienced catastrophic injuries. Whether caused by an exhausted truck driver, nursing home abuse, a driver using their cell phone while driving, a drunk driver or a negligent apartment manager, lawyers who work at Karno have the necessary experience to represent you in or out of court. Serious injuries and wrongful death demand justice.

A personal injury claim may help you pay the bills.

If you have a TBI, resulting in severe short-term memory loss caused by a truck or car accident, you need to know that help is right around the corner. Winning a personal injury claim can help you pay medical bills, the mortgage or your rent if you no longer have the ability to find gainful employment.