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Should you anchor your furniture?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | Product Liability

Furniture tip-over accidents claim hundreds of children’s lives every year. U.S. News and World Report revealed that 451 children died from such accidents in 2019 and around 11,000 children suffer injuries from these accidents where furniture falls on top of them.

Because of the serious nature of these incidents and the possibility of product defects, it is imperative if you have small children in your home to secure or anchor large furniture pieces to the wall.

You should note, though, even if you do anchor furniture, you cannot eliminate the risk entirely. Far too often, manufacturers fall short in their standards of quality. You should always supervise children around large furniture pieces to prevent a tragic accident.

Anchoring tips to prevent tragedy

Large furniture or pieces that often pose a risk include dressers, bookcases, television, refrigerators, stoves, and freezers. You should buy a kit that enables you to anchor the furniture to a stud in your wall. You may need to move or adjust furniture arrangements to ensure you install the anchor in a stud for proper security.

It is also a good idea to take extra steps to make the furniture less appealing to children. For example, you should remove items that could tempt a child to climb to reach them. You also want to hide or secure cords so that little hands cannot grab them.

Remember that even if furniture pieces are not in use, you should anchor them if they are somewhere a child may be present. An empty dresser, for example, is still heavy enough to injure or kill a child. You cannot trust a child will not try to climb or pull on a piece of furniture.

Anchoring furniture can save lives and prevent a severe accident in your home that could result in a serious injury or a tragic death. In those cases, getting to the facts with a personal injury attorney can be the first step towards holding the responsible party accountable.