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Officer hurt due to violation of Scott’s Law

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you see that there are emergency personnel on the highway or on the side of the road, it’s important to move over into another lane. Doing so helps keep them safe and reduces the likelihood of getting into an accident.

Unfortunately, for a trooper in Illinois, a driver did not move over and instead collided with them on Interstate 94. The crash happened at approximately 11:43 p.m., when the vehicles were parked blocking the northbound lanes of the highway. The Chicago police were there investigating the scene.

The Illinois State Police had their lights activated, but that didn’t stop an SUV from striking the rear of a squad car in the right lane. The 43-year-old driver continued on after striking the vehicle.

The officer was able to receive treatment and was released from the hospital, but the driver had continued to flee. Another trooper unit was able to stop her and charge her for driving under the influence. She was cited for several other violations, too, including following too closely, driving on a suspended license and driving too fast for the conditions. She was also cited for violating Scott’s Law. This law requires vehicles to move over and change lanes or slow down when approaching emergency vehicles that have their hazard lights on.

Traffic accidents like this one shouldn’t happen and don’t need to happen. If you’re injured due to someone violating Scott’s Law or causing a collision, you deserve to seek compensation from that party to help hold them accountable. You deserve the compensation needed to help you recover.