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Injuries as a guest in an Illinois home

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Premises Liability

When you visit a friend or go to a dinner party in a private home, you obviously expect that you will be entering a safe environment. Therefore, when you become injured as a result of visiting someone else’s home, it will probably be quite shocking. You may have to seek expensive medical treatment and take unpaid leave from work in order to recover, and this may leave you wondering whether you can and should take legal action.

While it may feel uncomfortable to make a premises liability claim against a friend or acquaintance, you must remember that it is simply a case of standing up for your legal rights and getting justice for the pain that you suffered. However, before taking action, it is important to understand whether you have a promising case that could be successful.

When is a premises liability claim successful in Illinois?

When a premises liability claim is filing, there are some basic elements that will need to be addressed. Firstly, the legal status of the visitor is verified. If you were invited into the home, you will be considered a guest rather than a trespasser.

In addition, the accident itself will be evaluated. In order for a claim to be successful, it must be shown that the owner of the premises was negligent in some way. For example, if the premises owner knew of a danger and did nothing to make it safe in some way before the incident occurred, it is likely that the plaintiff would have a successful claim.

If you have been injured in a private home in the state of Illinois, it may be possible to recoup damages for the pain that you suffered.