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Man facing DUI allegations after deadly crash

On Behalf of | May 24, 2017 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents

A man from DeKalb has been accused of driving under the influence and then being involved in a deadly accident. He was initially arrested by the police and then released on recognizance.

The man is 25 years old. He was behind the wheel of a gold 2006 Jeep at the time of the accident. As that Jeep was going down the Lincoln Highway in the middle of the night, it left the eastbound lane and hit a Toyota Camry that was going west.

The driver of that Camry was just 23 years old. Emergency crews announced that he’d been killed at the scene. He was studying at Northern Illinois University, working toward a master’s degree.

The 25-year-old man is now accused of using both alcohol and marijuana before causing the crash. Police tested his urine for marijuana and did find it, according to reports. They also found a metal grinder and a glass pipe in his vehicle, which they believe have marijuana resin and other traces on them.

As far as his Blood Alcohol Content is concerned, he was brought to Kishwaukee Hospital and tested. Those tests show that he was at 0.076.

It is worth noting that the man does not have a criminal conviction on his record, nor does he have a failure to appear in court in the past. That’s a big part of the reason he was released until his trial, as authorities have no reason to think he won’t show up when instructed.

A deadly accident can leave a family reeling and facing significant financial hurdles. When this happens, it’s important for family members to know if they have a right to compensation, regardless of the outcome of related criminal cases.

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