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Accidents at events can result in financial claims

On Behalf of | May 31, 2017 | Premises Liability

When people go to events, like concerts or music festivals, they are looking to have a good time, listen to music and spend time with their friends. However, if not careful, your attendance at the event can result in health consequences.

Outdoor events, like music festivals, are often outside and you can easily get overheated in the broiling Summer sun. To minimize the danger, wear cool clothes, including a hat for shade, use sunscreen and bring bottles of water so that you can stay hydrated.

Be careful about alcohol, as your tolerance for it may be affected by the heat of the day and other factors. Additionally, be aware that dangerous drugs are often circulated at music festivals and those can have deadly effects. You may not risk your health with those substances, but other people walking and driving around the area may, impairing their judgment and rendering them unsafe.

Music festivals are infamously crowded, with hundreds or thousands of people that are dancing and walking while not paying attention to the consequences of their actions. As a result, you may get bumped into, knocked down and even trampled by those people. This has happened at many music festivals, so best to avoid the most crowded areas, avoid any areas that are muddy and wear shoes that you can move nimbly and quickly in.

Some of the dangers associated with music festivals can be directly attributed to those who run them. For example, the festival organizers can allow too many people in a relatively small space, or fail to respond fast enough when someone falls. Organizers may also neglect to keep pathways and parking lots properly marked and lit.

If injuries to people attending a festival happen due to something that the festival organizers did poorly, the organizers may then be liable for financial damages. After all, it was their responsibility to keep the premises safe for those who paid to attend the festival. If you suffer injuries at a festival or other event, your attorney can advise you about your options.

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