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Woman claims negligence caused injury at Chicago concert

On Behalf of | May 9, 2014 | Personal Injury

Music concerts can sometimes get very chaotic. Even though the energy level is usually very high during concerts, however, there isn’t any excuse for people involved in the performance to act in a manner that could possibly cause harm to people. When someone gets injured as a result of the mayhem in a concert or the antics of the performers, the parties responsible for the concert might have claims filed against them for any injuries that occur.

A recent lawsuit of this type, filed in Cook County Circuit Court, alleges that an attendee of an A$AP Rocky concert in Chicago was injured due to the negligent actions of a performer. She claims the defendants didn’t provide a safe environment for concert goers.

The lawsuit was filed on May 2 against HOB Chicago Inc., Live Nation Worldwide Inc., Been Trill, Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc., RSVP Gallery LLC, and Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky. It alleges that a performer jumped off the stage during the 2012 concert and landed on the complainant. She says she was knocked down and suffered injuries requiring a trip to the hospital.

The lawsuit is seeking more than $50,000 in damages. The woman who was injured likely has medical bills and other expenses that she incurred due to the alleged negligence of the defendants. While she did make the decision to go to the concert, she did not make the choice to be hurt by the antics of a performer; therefore, she shouldn’t be expected to cover the costs of her injuries.

Anyone who has been hurt during a concert might have the right to seek compensation like this woman did. Learning about how to file this type of claim might make the process a little easier.

Source: The Cook County Record, “Attendee of A$AP Rocky concert smacks rapper, House of Blues with suit over alleged injury” Ben Hart, May. 08, 2014