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Is a store liable if you fall on a rainy day?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Slip & Fall

It’s extremely common to see stores have wet, slick floors when it has been raining outside. For the most part, they take care of this problem by mopping up the water regularly and using rugs and mats in the front entrance to allow people to dry their shoes.

Some stores add in additional protections, like gritty flooring in entrances, so there is enough texture to prevent falls. Unfortunately, not all do.

Dangerous store conditions can lead to serious injuries, and in those cases, you may have an opportunity to make a claim. If you fall and get hurt, you need to let the owner or manager on site know, and then seek medical attention.

What are some common hazards in grocery stores?

Some of the most common hazards that you need to watch out for include:

  • Spills down the aisles that can lead to falls.
  • Slippery entrances and exits due to rain.
  • Wet areas without signage, which makes it hard to know that the floor is slick.
  • Puddles that may be slick.
  • Areas that were once textured but that have become smooth and slick over time.

Any time you fall in a store, there is a chance that you could be badly hurt. You deserve an opportunity to seek medical care, and, once you do, to get support for any injuries that you’ve suffered. Financially, the store may be on the hook for covering the cost of your care, your lost wages and other monetary losses.

To make your claim against the store, you will need to show that there was a disregard for your safety. For example, if the store knew that it was raining outside but didn’t have any rugs in the doorway or any wet floor signs posted, then you may be able to show negligence. If the management team or owner knows about a hazard, they have a responsibility to try to resolve it. If the store doesn’t take action to keep the premises reasonably safe for customers, then customers, like yourself, may have the opportunity to make a claim for compensation based on the injuries suffered.