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4 behaviors of aggressive drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you live in or around Chicago, you’ve probably seen your fair share of aggressive driving. It can be easy to run into in a larger city. However, even if you see it more often, the reckless habits of other drivers can still put you and others in significant danger.

Road rage isn’t the only form of aggressive driving

People with road rage may come to mind when you think of aggressive driving. However, it’s usually the most extreme behavior of aggressive motorists. And while road rage accounts for more than 50% of fatal car crashes in the United States, other forms of aggressive driving can be equally as concerning.

So, what other maneuvers can count as aggressive driving? Here are a few examples:

  • Tailgating: Having someone ride your back bumper can be irritating. Aggressive drivers may do this because they want you to speed up. However, agreeing to their request could put you in danger if you’re going the designated speed limit. And if you suddenly brake when they’re right behind you, they could smash into the back of your vehicle.
  • Lane weaving: Some drivers may weave in and out of lanes to move quickly through traffic or busy roadways. However, this maneuver can often be reckless. When drivers weave lanes at high speeds or don’t watch where they’re going, they could crash into you or another motorist.
  • Driving on the right shoulder: The right shoulder lane on the highway is typically for emergency uses. However, some aggressive drivers may use it as an express lane. When they do this, it can cause significant problems for everyone on the highway. Not only could the aggressive driver crash into you, but they could also hit pedestrians or emergency personnel stopped in the right shoulder lane.
  • Brake-checking: Some drivers may brake-check to fend off tailgaters. However, many consider brake-checking to be a negligent and dangerous move. That’s because driving behind someone who suddenly brake-checks you could cause you to crash into them.

Knowing the signs can help protect you

Whether you’re driving around Chicago or elsewhere in the United States, keep your eyes peeled for aggressive drivers. While avoiding them isn’t always possible, knowing how to identify them can help reduce your risk of getting in a crash.