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Who’s liable for a parking lot crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Premises Liability

If you’ve ever traveled to a mall, doctor’s appointment or other location, then you know that you have to park your vehicle and leave it in the lot. The unfortunate reality is that doing so opens your vehicle up to being hit.

It might be hit when you’re not inside, or it could be impacted as you try to back out or travel down the lane. In those cases, do you know who is liable? It’s important to know the laws, so the right people are held accountable.

Who is liable for a parking lot crash?

Unless the lot is unsafe in some way, it is normally not the parking lot owner’s responsibility if your vehicle is damaged in a parking lot. Many parking lot owners put up signs to let you know that they will not be responsible if you park there, which could release them from liability in many cases.

However, there are times when someone might be liable for the damages. For instance, if a valet parks your vehicle and damages it, then it would make sense to hold the valet, and their employer, responsible for the damage and any injuries that result.

Of course, if the lot itself is damaged and results in injuries to you or damages to your vehicle, you can seek out a claim against the owner. They are responsible for maintaining the lot, regardless of the signs they place on their property. Your attorney can help you prepare the right documents to start your claim for damage that was a result of poor property maintenance.