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What is a crumple zone?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The force of a car crash is so significant that it can’t be understated. The angle of impact, along with other factors, does impact how seriously you’ll be hurt, if at all. Of course, in all accidents, it’s your right to hold the other person responsible, but the first goal is to survive.

All vehicles have a section known as the “crumple zone.” This is an important technology built into vehicles that helps reduce the force in a collision. Without a crumple zone, it’s likely that more people would be hurt or killed in crashes due to greater forces colliding in a car crash.

Force is equal to mass times acceleration. That means that being able to decelerate can help reduce the force of a crash significantly. As an example, decreasing speed at a rate of .8 instead of .2 will result in a 75 percent reduction of total force.

Crumple zones are important for the above situation. Parts of your vehicle take the initial force of the collision and spread it out. By crumpling on impact, your vehicle is also decelerating itself and the other vehicle that is headed toward you. By reducing the speed of the impact your body has to deal with, even if it’s by milliseconds, your chances of survival become much greater.

Crumple zones are extremely important, and they’re just one of the safety systems your vehicle has in place. Keep in mind that not all parts of the vehicle have a significant crumple zone, but when it’s able to be used, it’s possible that injuries could be less significant.