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Woman claims employee negligence led to her fall

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Personal Injury

For people who use wheelchairs for mobility, assistance is sometimes necessary to get to where they need to go. When an employee of a company is the one to provide assistance, that employee must ensure that they help out in a way that is safe and that will get the person to their destination without harm. For one woman who was using a wheelchair during her travels, getting the assistance of an airline employee ended up landing her on the floor with injuries.

The woman, who has filed a lawsuit in the Cook County Circuit Court, says she was flying on United Airlines from one coast to the other. She says that she needed help to get to her car from the plane because she was in a wheelchair.

An employee of United Airlines assisted the woman, but the lawsuit alleges that he was pushing her wheelchair too fast. The lawsuit claims that the woman ended up falling out of the chair and that the employee didn’t help her back into the chair. Instead, she says he left. The woman suffered injuries in the fall.

The June 12 personal injury lawsuit alleges negligence and names Gateway Group One, Gateway Securities Inc., and United Airlines as the defendants. She is seeking damages greater than $50,000 in relation to the incident.

Anyone who is harmed by the employee of a company has the right to seek compensation just as this woman did. Claims for medical bills, lost wages and other damages might be possible depending on the specific details of your case.

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