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Know what to do if you’re hit while in Chicago

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Chicago is known for having poor traffic conditions. With busy roads that have pedestrians, bikers and more, it’s easy to see why collisions are likely to happen.

If you’re driving in Chicago, there are ways to avoid getting into a crash. For example, you can follow the speed limit, stay off your cellphone and pay attention to the road.

If you do get into a crash, it is important to take steps to keep yourself and the others involved safe. For example, if you’re able, you should move your vehicles to the side of the road so that other drivers don’t hit you. If you can, turn on your hazard lights, too.

Call 911 to alert the police to your crash and to make sure that they are aware that people need help. Emergency teams should arrive shortly and will be able to provide the care you need while on the way to the hospital.

Even if you’re not badly hurt, it’s a good idea to go to the hospital after a crash. Getting a full medical exam helps make it easier to identify if you’ve been hurt or have delayed-onset injuries. The medical documents you collect should be kept, too, so that you can use them when submitting a claim to the other party’s insurance company.

Contact your attorney to begin the claims process as soon as you can after you’re involved in a collision. Your attorney can do much of the work toward getting a fair settlement while you’re focused on your health and recovery in the hospital.