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by | May 8, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There is nothing scarier than being involved in a serious crash. It takes you by surprise and changes all your plans. You might have been thinking of going to work or have been in the middle of planning a vacation only to now have to adjust those plans to go to medical appointments, to enroll in therapy or because of a disability.

Motor vehicle accidents happen so suddenly that there is no chance of avoiding them or making plans for the aftermath. Fortunately, you do have the opportunity to file a claim for any injuries you suffer so that you can focus on recovering instead of on the financial impact of the collision.

Those responsible for crashes should be held liable

Whether it was a teen driver who wasn’t paying attention due to reading a text message or a truck driver who fell asleep while driving, the person responsible for your collision should be held liable. They or their insurance, if they have it, should pay for your medical care, any lost wages you’ve suffered and for your other losses. At the end of the day, it’s their negligence and actions that caused your injuries, so you deserve a chance to obtain compensation.

After an accident, your attorney will retrieve the police report and documentation to support your claims of having an injury. With careful negotiating skills, your attorney will work to obtain the best possible settlement offer or help you go to trial if no fair settlement is presented by the insurance company. Your health was put at risk, so you deserve to have someone on your side to get you what you need to support yourself.