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1 killed, 2 hurt in 2-vehicle crash.

It’s essential for drivers to pay attention to the roads. It’s possible that a vehicle in front of theirs could have a problem occur and need to come to a stop quickly, or there could be traffic ahead forcing traffic to slow.

When drivers aren’t leaving enough space between their vehicle and the next, it creates a situation where a serious crash could occur. That’s what happened in a crash on Cline Avenue when a man’s vehicle had a sudden malfunction.

The news surrounding the collision stated that there was a Ford Taurus traveling south that had to come to a stop as a result of its hood lifting up suddenly, blocking the driver’s vision. The vehicle slowed to a stop, but the vehicle behind it, a white Ford Transit F-250 did not. It rear-ended the vehicle and crushed in the rear of the Taurus.

Two passengers in the Ford Taurus had to be extricated from the vehicle. Both were rushed to the hospital, but a 27-year-old man removed from the front passenger seat passed away from his injuries. The second passenger, 29, had a broken leg, according to the sheriff’s department.

The driver of the van was alert at the scene and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries; His vehicle had no additional passengers.

Crashes like this one should be completely avoidable. Drivers need to pay attention to traffic ahead of them. If your vehicle has a malfunction, remember always to pull to the side of the road and not to stay in a lane since this helps get you out of harm’s way.