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Recognize nursing home abuse to help protect patients

Some patients in nursing homes sadly have to suffer through abuse. In many cases, it’s difficult for patients to report the abuse, fearing that it will get worse if they do so.

The reality is that those who suffer from abuse need to speak out if they can. Additionally, those on the outside need to do all they can to recognize abuse so that they can help those in need. Here are a few tips for recognizing abuse in a nursing home.

1. Look for physical signs of injury

The first thing to do is to look for physical signs of injury. Bedsores, broken bones and other injuries could be a sign of neglect or abuse. Some injuries may be covered by clothing, so worried family members may wish to take part in helping their loved ones get dressed to do a wellness check.

2. Monitor your surroundings

Another good thing to look at is the surroundings around patients. When you enter a nursing home, look for signs of aggression or abuse. Do residents seem to hide from or avoid certain nurses or aides? Do you hear yelling or screaming regularly? What does the facility smell like? These questions can give you some answers as to the quality of the facility and if there is abuse or neglect taking place.

3. Ask

Finally, don’t be scared to ask and listen. Your loved one, as well as other residents, live there every day and have insight that could help you help them avoid dangerous situations.

These are a few ways to identify nursing home abuse. With the right knowledge, you can make a difference in these people’s lives.