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How serious is road rash?

Road rash is a horrifying side effect of getting into a collision on a motorcycle without the appropriate gear. When your skin is exposed to the friction of the roadway, it can rip off in layers. Sometimes, the muscles are exposed in severe cases.

When a victim has suffered road rash or other serious injuries, it’s important not to move them unless it’s necessary for their safety. This can be an extremely painful injury, although it’s not usually life-threatening. The vital thing to do is to stop the bleeding and to treat any life-threatening injuries as soon as possible.

When is road rash serious enough to require medical care?

Generally speaking, any wound that is over three times the size of your palm is large enough to require medical attention. Additionally, consider the depth of the wound. Surface injuries may hurt but not be very dangerous, whereas deep injuries are prone to infection and scarring. Any road rash that affects the feet, hands, face or genitals should also be treated by a medical professional.

If you have suffered from road rash as a result of a motorcycle crash, it’s necessary for you to seek out help from a medical provider. This injury, as well as others you may have suffered, need medical attention and documentation.

Once you’re able to document the injuries that the other driver caused, you’ll be able to make a claim against their insurance to obtain the compensation you need moving forward. With that support, you can focus on your recovery instead of having to try to return to work before you’re ready.