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Watch out for drunk drivers during your holiday travels

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2018 | Car Accidents

Winter weather in Illinois can become extreme with very little warning. Large amounts of precipitation, incredibly cold weather and blustery winds can all make driving a much more dangerous endeavor than it is in the warmer months.

Given that increased danger, you might think that drivers will take more caution on the roads. However, the winter is actually a difficult time for driving in no small part because other drivers do dangerous things. The end of December and first days of January are among the most dangerous days of the year to be on the road, especially when it comes to other people driving drunk.

If you plan to travel this holiday season, make sure you know how to spot drunk drivers on the road. There is a good chance there will be many more of them than you would encounter on any other typical day.

Holiday parties and stressors drive people to overindulge in alcohol

The holidays present many opportunities to get together with friends, co-workers and loved ones. Holiday parties are one of the highlights of the end of the year for many people, with gift-giving and excellent food to reward those who come out to socialize. Unfortunately, that festive atmosphere may also prompt some people to drink too much before calling it a night.

For other people, the stress of planning a holiday or spending it with family is enough to result in poor decision-making. Regardless of what motivates someone to consume alcohol and get behind the wheel, it is still a frequent phenomenon. As a driver, you need to be aware of the fact that the holidays bring with them a substantially increased risk of encountering drunk drivers on the road.

Victims of drunk drivers have legal protections in Illinois

Drunk drivers often contribute to motor vehicle collisions that would otherwise not have occurred. Impaired decision-making, delayed response times and other issues related to intoxication increase the risk of a serious crash.

People in the other vehicles frequently end up paying the price for a drunk driver’s selfishness. Whether you lost a loved one to an intoxicated driver or suffered major injuries and property damage, Illinois state law protects you. You have the right to file either a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent driver who causes damage.

Drinking behind the wheel is not just negligent. It is a crime. In fact, a driver does not need to have been convicted of drunk driving for you to pursue damages after a collision. Reviewing the details of your collision with someone knowledgeable of Illinois personal injury law can help determine if you have adequate evidence to bring a suit in court.