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The most common claims made against nursing homes

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Many people each year become residents at nursing homes. This can be a big shift in their lives and a difficult thing to get used to, and this is why it is important that nursing homes help their residents to feel as comfortable and as safe as possible.

While most nursing home residents are cared for adequately in their home, there is currently an understaffing epidemic in nursing homes that means the quality of care as suffered across the United States considerably. There is a low supply of qualified carers available and in a bid to cut costs, nursing homes often employ less carers than what is sufficient to ensure the proper standard of care.

What types of claims to people make against their loved one’s nursing home?

Most frequently, people will argue that their loved one did not receive an adequate amount of personal care and supervision. This can have many effects on a resident. This can mean that their hygiene suffered as a result and that they were more prone to infections and illnesses. It may mean that they lack the social interaction they need. This could lead to depression for some residents.

Additionally, it can be argued that the nursing home’s hiring practices were negligent. Perhaps they hired irresponsible and abusive staff, or they did not hire or retain a sufficient number of staff.

If you believe that your loved one has been treated inadequately in a nursing home in the state of Illinois, it is important that you take action so that damages can be claimed.