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You can suffer these injuries in a Chicago car accident

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Having the freedom to drive anywhere you want in Chicago is great. You can get to and from work, school, the movies, the store and restaurants with little problems. But, what if you get into a car accident? Do you know what type of injuries you might suffer? People don’t tend to think about how seriously injured they could get if involved in a car accident.

Even if the airbag deploys during a car accident, you could wind up suffering head injuries. The force of the collision could be so strong that it still slams your head into the steering wheel, the dashboard, the head of your passenger or your driver side window. If you are ejected from the vehicle, you can suffer serious head trauma from hitting the windshield.

Fractures are a very common injury suffered by car accident victims in Illinois. You can fracture any of your extremities, your ribs, vertebrae in your back and even bones in your face. Fractures can be extremely severe, to the point where you require surgery to repair them.

Injuries to your neck and chest are also common in car accidents, even minor ones. These injuries can include a punctured lung, a collapsed lung, bruised ribs, a broken neck and much more. Whiplash is probably the most well-known injury suffered during a car accident.

Suffering an injury in a car accident, even a minor one, can leave you with plenty of questions, pain and medical bills in Chicago, Illinois. Make sure you know and understand the types of injuries you can suffer before getting behind the wheel.