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Put safety first when taking children to amusement parks

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Premises Liability

There are many fun things to do in Chicago, Illinois, in the summer. Those providing activities need to make sure that the activities are safe to protect their customers and to avoid premises liability problems. Of course, parents taking children to activities, like amusement parks, can do a lot to ensure their children’s safety.

One example is avoiding rides that your child is afraid of. There is a time to encourage your child to reach out and try new things. Going on amusement park rides is not one of them. After all, if they go on and give in to fear, you won’t be able to get them back off until the ride is over, and they may be in danger in the meanwhile. If your child is willing to go on a particular ride, watch others go on it first, so that you and your child will know what to expect and how to maximize safety.

When putting your child on a ride, it is best to seat them away from any entrance. Additionally, you’ll want to check height, age and weight restrictions, so that you are sure that your child qualifies. These restrictions are important, and failing to comply with them risks your child’s safety. In addition to following the restrictions, make sure that you and your child listen to and follow the operator’s instructions.

Before going to an amusement park, make sure that your child is addressed appropriately. This includes wearing closed-toe shoes and sneakers, plus avoiding any loose clothes or jewelry that could get stuck in the machinery of a ride. For children with longer hair, tie it up for the same reason.

Parents should also avoid putting too much faith in ride operators. Watch those who are helping your child get in or out of rides and intercede if you feel it is necessary to in order to maximize your child’s safety.

Should your child suffer an injury while at an amusement park through no fault of his or her own, you have a right to seek compensation. A premises liability lawsuit can help you avoid the financial burdens that often occur with serious injuries.

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