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7 ways you can prevent nursing home abuse and neglect

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

We may not be able to put a stop to nursing home and elder abuse for all elderly people, but we can certainly protect the ones we love from such abuse.

Imagine your mother or father is in a nursing home. You’re probably worried about the care that he or she is receiving when you’re not around. Maybe you even suspect that neglect is happening right now. How can you make sure your loved one is safe?

Protect your loved one from nursing home abuse with these tips

If you follow these tips for a family member who is being cared for in an Illinois nursing home, you will dramatically reduce the risk that he or she will be abused or neglected:

  • Visit without warning: Pop into the nursing home to visit your loved one at random times and on random days. This can help keep nursing home staff on their toes to ensure they’re always providing the best care possible.
  • Make sure the care is up to par: If you ask your loved one about his or her care on a regular basis, and if you stay diligent to look for the warning signs of potential neglect, you can catch and stop neglect and abuse as soon as it appears.
  • Double-check that the facility has a license: You’d be surprised how many nursing facilities are operating without a current license. You don’t want your loved one staying in an unlicensed facility.
  • Ask lots of questions: Whenever you see anything that looks off, ask about it. Ask your loved one and ask the manager of the nursing facility.
  • Draft a contract: You can create a contract that lays out the rules and expectations you have for the nursing home facility. Ask the manager of the facility to sign it.
  • Follow up on references: When evaluating a nursing home, ask the manager for references and call them. Find out how other people have experienced the nursing home.
  • Put a camera in your loved one’s room: If facility rules allow it, install a camera and tell the aides that you’ve put a camera in the room. This could help nursing home staff provide appropriate care.

Was your loved one abused or neglected at a nursing home?

Your loved one has the legal right to receive appropriate care from his or her nursing home. If nursing home abuse or neglect has occurred, you may want to study up and investigate your loved one’s legal right to pursue financial compensation and justice in court.