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Brain injury issues can take time to develop

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you break your arm in a car accident, you often know right away. With a brain injury, though, the overall impact can be far more severe, and the symptoms may take longer to develop.

For example, one man was in a serious car crash. He did say that he felt a little off after the wreck, but he didn’t know what was wrong right away.

Part of the problem was that he was on medications after the crash. As he stopped taking them, some of the issues became more clear. They also simply took a while to show up overall, so it’s not as if he woke up the next morning with an obvious array of symptoms. In time, he said that he noticed things like:

— Mood swings.

— Trouble concentrating.

— Sensitivity to sound and light.

— Headaches that happened consistently.

— Sleep pattern disruptions.

— Irritability.

— Speech problems.

— And more.

When the man was finally off of his medications and noticed all of these symptoms, he went in for a neuropsychological evaluation. He was told that medications aimed at reducing pain can cover up brain injury symptoms. He finally had an answer for all of his questions about the way he was feeling, though that was just the first step on the road to recovery.

It’s important to remember how these brain injury issues work if you think you’re entitled to financial compensation. Do not assume that all medical costs will be incurred immediately. With injuries that only show themselves weeks or months after the accident, expensive future treatments could be needed.

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