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Debunking Motorcycle Myths for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

On Behalf of | May 12, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

This month is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As summer weather settles in, more riders take to the roadways. It’s important for drivers to stay alert for the increased presence of motorcycle riders and for riders to learn the safest ways to ride. In the spirit of supporting Motorcycle Safety Awareness, we’re debunking three of the most common myths about motorcycle safety.

Myth 1: In-town riding is safer than highway trips

Although you are likely riding at lower speeds on local streets, 91 percent of all motorcycle-passenger vehicle accidents occur on non-interstate roads. With all of the distractions on urban roadways, it can be more difficult for drivers to see motorcycle riders.

Myth 2: Lay down the bike if you’re about to crash

In the split second before you realize a crash is imminent, you likely don’t have time to do anything except brake and swerve. Attempting to avoid the collision is almost always a better choice than laying your body and your bike on the asphalt.

Myth 3: The louder the exhaust, the safer you are

In theory, a loud exhaust will alert other drivers to your presence. However, in highway scenarios, since your exhaust is pointed behind you, it can be difficult for drivers ahead of you to hear your approach.

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