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Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents: Slippery Roads

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

It’s that time of year. The weather seems slightly more unpredictable than normal. It’s easy to take your bike out and get caught up in unexpected bad weather. Those slippery, wet, and ice-covered roads can lead to catastrophic injuries, but as part of our blog series on avoiding common motorcycle accidents, we have some tips to help you avoid those wet weather accidents. 

  • Check your tires. Motorcycles can perform well in wet weather provided you have tires with good tread. Slick tires and slick roads are a combination for disaster. Make sure that your tires have a good amount of tread to grip the road.
  • Wait it out. The first hour of rainfall is often the most treacherous. If it hasn’t rained for a while, the rain will lift out oils and other debris from the pavement and make your way even slicker and more dangerous. Get yourself a cup of coffee somewhere and let the downpour wash some of the hazards away before you venture out.
  • Slow down. Like all drivers, bikers can benefit from slowing down in hazardous conditions. Even with good tires, your stopping distance will increase and overall handling of the bike will become more challenging.

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