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Lawsuit filed claiming man hurt by security guards

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2014 | Premises Liability

A Chicago bar was the scene of an altercation on Oct. 20, 2012, that has now led to a personal injury lawsuit by a man who claims to have been hurt by the security staff of the establishment. The lawsuit was filed exactly two years after the incident occurred.

The suit states that the plaintiff was at the Buzz Bomb Bar on West 73rd Street in Bedford Park when the injury occurred. They claim that one member of the security personnel working that night attacked him without just cause, pushing him into a wall and putting him in a headlock. A second staffer was alleged to have shoved him and thrown him face-first into the pavement.

The bar is named in the lawsuit for reasons of premises liability, negligence in their supervision and failures in their hiring policy. Both security guards have been accused of assault and battery. The corporation that hired the security workers, an unnamed agency that is separate from the bar, was also accused of negligence in their hiring, retention policies and supervision of their employees. The suit seeks a total of $50,000 as compensation for damages in addition to the legal costs associated with making the case.

A business has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for the public and require their employees to respect the bodily health of the customers without fail. Anyone who has been wrongly harmed by the staff of an enterprise might consider filing a lawsuit against them or any other responsible parties in an attempt to gain redress for the harm that they have suffered. An attorney’s guidance may be advantageous to those who wish to become the plaintiffs in such a lawsuit and properly inform the defendants of the allegations against them.

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