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Grocery store injuries deserve quality legal representation

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2014 | Slip & Fall

Your neighborhood grocery store should offer a welcoming, pleasant retail experience. Like all other retail establishments, grocery stores in Illinois are also expected to maintain safe facilities for customers. However, sometimes manager and employee negligence can lead to serious grocery store injuries that leave victims with chronic pain and other conditions. So, where do you turn when you have been injured in such a premises liability case?

You and your loved ones deserve to shop in safety and peace. You should not have to navigate through a store that is rife with hazards. Even a simple liquid spill can cause a victim to slip and fall on the hard grocery store floor, leading to potentially serious wounds. Grocery stores also have some unique hazards, including slippery produce such as grapes that can also increase the risk of slip-and-fall injuries.

In addition to those hazards, grocery store injuries may occur because of dangerous conditions when stocking products. Victims may be struck in the head by products that are improperly shelved, for example. Another example of a grocery store injury: being stuck in a sliding door that is malfunctioning.

All of these injuries have occurred in the past. Victims who have suffered serious injury because of grocery store negligence should not have to sit and suffer in silence while they endure painful medical treatment. Instead, the responsible party should be held accountable for failing to maintain a safe retail environment. Our legal professionals have experience in dealing with these types of premises liability cases. Employee and manager negligence should have consequences, especially when a grocery shopper suffers serious injury.

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