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Cook County man trips over pipe, sues

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Negligent Maintenance

The sidewalks of Chicago are busy places in most areas. Pedestrians, some of whom are in a hurry, walk these sidewalks. When the person responsible for caring for these sidewalks don’t properly maintain them, pedestrians can get injured. A recent lawsuit that was filed in the Cook County Circuit Court shows that neglecting to maintain sidewalks can end up with people getting hurt and having to seek compensation from the responsible party.

The case involves a man who alleges that he fell to the ground on a sidewalk maintained by Lawrence Hall Youth Services. He says that the accident, which happened on July 22, 2013 was caused by a piece of pipe protruding from the sidewalk. He tripped over the pipe and fell, which resulted in him being injured.

The lawsuit, which is seeking damages in excess of $50,000 in addition to court costs, claims the defendant failed to warn pedestrians of the dangerous condition of the sidewalk. It also accuses the child welfare agency of negligent maintenance.

Keeping up the sidewalks is a duty of anyone who has a home or business on the sidewalk. During the winter, this means keeping the area free of ice and snow. During the summer, it means keeping the sidewalks free of obstacles that can cause injury to pedestrians. When these duties aren’t met, the dangerous conditions can lead to serious injuries for pedestrians.

Anyone who has been injured because of negligent maintenance has the right to seek compensation for those injuries. Understanding the procedure for filing complaints can make the process much easier.

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