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Nursing home abuse alleged after pair took, sent nude photos

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2014 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Two Midwestern assisted-living workers are facing serious allegations that they supposedly took pictures of nude patients and shared them with others. The pair, ages 23 and 20, will spend time in jail for these incidents of nursing home abuse, according to official reports. The women both pleaded no contest to the allegations, which stemmed from their time spent working at a facility in Illinois’ neighboring state of Wisconsin.

The pair served as patient caregivers at an assisted-living community that housed residents in 76 separate apartments. They were accused of taking pictures of elderly residents who were being bathed or were otherwise in some state of undress. Another photo depicted a patient vomiting, according to courtroom reports. Even though those pictures were sent via Snapchat, a program that deletes photos almost immediately after they are sent, the pair admitted that they had sent the photos to each other and some of their friends.

Authorities say the women were charged with disorderly conduct and invasion of privacy through use of a surveillance device. The older defendant will serve six months’ jail time, while the younger woman will spent 30 days in jail. Both will be subject to two years’ probation after their release from custody.

Elderly people who are living in nursing homes deserve respect and dignified treatment. These individuals should never be subject to physical abuse or sexual abuse because of immoral and illegal behavior. In this case, the two women will be serving jail time, but they may also be subject to civil penalties for their negligent actions. This type of nursing home abuse should not go unpunished; in fact, the victims and their family members may be able to recover financial damages from both the nursing home and the offenders themselves. A Chicago nursing home attorney may be able to provide insight in such cases, allowing victims to pursue those who have caused their family members such pain.

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