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Landlord Negligence Archives

Landlord negligence: how we can help

In general, landlords cannot be held liable for injuries that occur on their property. But there is an important exception to this rule. A landlord can be held responsible if the landlord was negligent in maintaining the property, and that negligence resulted in you or someone you love being injured.

Landlord liability for criminal activity

Landlords have certain legal duties and responsibilities, such as the duty to repair property and to maintain it in a habitable condition. As a general rule, landlords do not have a duty to protect tenants from criminal activity that occurs on the premises. Of course, there are exceptions.

Icy parking lot results in personal injury suit

Although Chicago's sidewalk weather fines ranging from $50 to $1000 may not be enforced on a regular basis, one Cook County tenant is taking an ice accident to task. After ice accumulated as a result of a pipe regularly flushing water into the parking lot, she filed a lawsuit against her condo complex owners and homeowners association for negligence.

The potential hazards of buildings not constructed to code

It is a substantial undertaking to own commercial or residential property. Illinois owners need the financial means to buy buildings and to construct them, but it is just as important to have an understanding of building codes. This is because failure to follow building codes could lead to bystanders, patrons or tenants becoming injured. If you are injured because of building code violations, you may require medical attention and could file a lawsuit against the building owners.

The liability of a landlord for a tenant's injury

When a tenant is injured on a landlord's property in Illinois, the question of liability can sometimes be difficult to answer. Whether or not a landlord can be held liable for the incident, and what form of damages a tenant can potentially recover, will depend upon the individual circumstances of the case.

Lawsuit claims man died after landlord fails to clean up flood

It was reported on Oct. 14 that an Illinois woman filed a lawsuit against her father's landlord and the realty group that owned the building after a flood occurred in the basement apartment the father was renting. The woman claimed that the landlord refused to take care of the water, causing the woman's father to suffer injuries and ultimately die.

A landlord's duty to change the lock

According to Illinois state law, any landlord who leases a unit for occupation is required to change or rekey the lock on the unit as soon as there is a change of occupancy. After an old renter has left the unit, the landlord must change the lock on the dwelling before a new renter moves in or on the day that the new renter moves in.

Cook County woman falls down stairs, sues property manager

When people pay to rent an apartment, they don't want to deal with negligent maintenance. In exchange for rent payments, the tenants expect that the landlord of the property or the landlord's property manager will maintain the property so that it conforms to some of the most basic safety standards that prevent injuries. When this maintenance isn't happening, things can go wrong and accidents can happen. One woman has recently filed a lawsuit in the Cook County Circuit Court about a landlord negligence issue at her apartment building that caused an accident that injured her.

Landlord negligence leads to child being injured by window

Landlords are supposed to keep up the dwellings and buildings they rent out to people. When a landlord doesn't properly maintain buildings and grounds, serious injuries can occur. Sadly, some landlords don't fix problems, even if the tenants let the landlord know of an issue. A recent case filed in Cook County Circuit Court brings this issue to light.

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