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Cubs fan sues team and league for injuries

Part of the fun of attending Major League Baseball (MLB) games is attempting to catch the foul balls as they soar towards the stands. But being in the range of these errant missiles can have long-term, negative consequences.

Just ask one longtime Chicago Cubs fan from Schaumburg who got hit in the left eye with a foul ball on Aug. 29 at Wrigley Field. He was watching a match-up between his beloved Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. According to new reports, the ball "destroyed his eye" and fractured five bones in the fan's face.

Knowing the causes of truck accidents can keep you safe

As the driver of a passenger vehicle, you need to do whatever you can to remain safe at all times. This means having knowledge of why accidents happen.

Here are some of the most common causes of truck accidents:

  • Reckless driving: Any form of reckless driving, such as speeding, can lead to a serious accident. You should never overlook the fact that some truckers may not always follow the rules of the road.
  • Drowsy driving: Too many hours on the road can make a truck driver tired. This fatigue increases the likelihood of an accident.
  • Distracted driving: It's easy for a trucker to become distracted behind the wheel. This can be the result of texting, eating, drinking or talking on a cellphone (among other distractions).
  • Inadequate training: There is nothing simple about driving a truck. It's important that every driver receive the necessary training regarding defensive driving, safety concerns and driving technique.
  • A system of compensation that leads to speeding and reckless driving: A trucking company that compensates drivers for reaching their destination early is one that may be prompting poor driving habits.
  • Improper or lack of vehicle maintenance

How does nursing home neglect happen?

There are many nursing homes in Chicago, Illinois. Some of them provide excellent care and offer spotless records of excellent service to prospective patients.

At others, however, nursing home abuse is rampant. Here are some common questions about nursing home abuse and neglect against patients with dementia and Alzheimer's:

Family of accident victim files wrongful death suit

The busy streets of Chicago, Illinois, have an extraordinary number of vehicles on them each day. Because of that, there are periodically accidents, some of which result in serious injuries and wrongful deaths. In those cases, survivors or families of survivors often sue those who are responsible.

In one recent case, the family of a tollway worker who was killed after being hit by a semi on I-294 is suing a towing company that they allege was in some measure responsible for the accident. The tollway worker's family alleges that the towing company did not fully clear debris that was left on the road from an earlier crash, and that their failure to do so led to this accident.

Important nursing home abuse questions to address

When it comes to nursing home abuse and neglect, there is never a good reason to wait and see what happens. You need to take immediate action if you believe your loved one is being treated poorly.

Like most people, you may not know much about nursing home abuse, as you probably haven't had to deal with it in the past. It is critically important to get answers to some of the most common nursing home abuse questions.

Elevator safety is important

Chicago, Illinois, is famous for tall buildings. Those buildings, and many smaller ones, have elevators that thousands of people ride up and down on a daily basis. When people are injured while riding on those elevators, building owners may face premises liability claims. Those claims can be precluded by ensuring that everyone who uses the elevators does so in the safest manner possible.

First, avoid overcrowding elevators. It isn't fun to be crammed into an elevator with a ton of people, and it isn't safe either. When there are too many people, the elevator may be in danger of being over the capacity that it can handle safely. Wait until the elevator becomes available again, and ride it with less people, resulting in improved safety with improved personal comfort as a bonus, since you will have more personal space when being on a less crowded elevator. You can plan your rides at less peak times to facilitate this approach.

Tragic crash shows deadly danger of DUIs

On the busy roads of Chicago, Illinois, there are many vehicles. Correspondingly, there are many motor vehicle accidents every year. Often those have tragic consequences such as a recent one that resulted in a driver being arrested, incarcerated and held on $500,000 bail.

The driver, 19, identifies as a transgender woman. Court records identify the driver as a man. According to prosecutors, the driver had been both drinking wine and smoking cannabis on the day of the accident. Despite being under the influence of those substances, the driver got into a Nissan Ultima with a male friend and drove to the corner of Halsted Street and Roosevelt Road. There, they picked up a female friend, 18, who then proceeded to sit in the back seat of the vehicle.

Nursing homes need to protect residents from hip fractures

The Chicago, Illinois, area has many nursing homes, and certainly a number of those do fine Others, however, may not, allowing their residents to come to harm by the actions or inactions of the staff, which constitutes unursing home abuse. Anyone who feels that they are a victim of nursing home abuse, or that a relative was, should contact their attorney.

Among the injuries that can happen to elderly people who are in nursing homes are hip fractures. Elderly people often have weaker bones that are more prone to fractures, and they often lack the strength and speed to keep themselves from getting injured. A hip fracture is very problematic, and seriously impedes the mobility and quality of life of the person who suffers it.

Trust your gut: Nursing home abuse is real

Something seems wrong. You moved your elderly mother into a nursing home six months ago. Since then, you've slowly started feeling like there has been abuse or neglect in the home. But you don't have concrete proof.

Everyone is nice when you go to the nursing home. You've never witnessed any problems. All of the background checks were fine.

How can landlords protect children's safety?

Landlords throughout Chicago, Illinois, have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment on behalf of their tenants. Failing to do so could result in premises liability claims against them.

Of course, a landlord's tenants often include whole families. The children of those families need to have special measures in place to protect them.

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